About Us

Nate Vietmeier (Left)

Joining the Team in 2021, Nate has been essential in helping build marketing strategies and ensuring the ship is running smoothly at all times. In 2022 he stepped up to a leadership role to help us build a consistent, and quality product.

Jon Pflueger (Middle)

Starting in 2019, during 'Covid break', Jon took a passion for auto care he learned at the A.W. Beattie Automotive Collision Tech program and applied it to the real world, where he knew he could provide a quality product at an affordable rate.

Nick Pierson (Right)

Joining as a partner in 2020, in high school, Nick took his love of cars and applied it to the business. He ensured we had the best products for our customers no matter what the circumstances were.

Our Growth Over The Years: